Madden NFL 18 Companion App Reviews

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Very Limited capability

I think if you take out the extra features and focus solely on the cloud franchise part it would be better. We should be able to accept trade, send trades , view our roster and injuries , force win option as well. Also the app randomly times out while loading

It’s good to advance leagues but..

I wish you could manage your team, look through free agency, trades, player scout, pretty much everything but play the actual game would be nice

Could be great

But there’s serious issues logging in and being able to view messages. I would rate it 5 besides those issues

Horrible app

Horrible app... good idea but horrible app.... crashes every time and i mean every time!....... even when it do work you can only advance your league...

Needs more

I really appreciate that they finally made a companion app so people can mark themselves as ready to advance when away from the console but why stop there? Integrate all of the league/franchise info in there so I can check on stats and standings or my teams injuries or even submit a trade via the app.. please get some people working on this stuff cause it is soooo overdue at this point.


Ever since the update it just force closes all the time


The apk is very limited and crashes at times

**EDIT**Latest Update Killed Stat Exportation

Pretty much the title. My league and I are a bunch of narcissists and really enjoyed the feature to export game, weekly, and yearly stats to an external site. However, an update occurred and now there is just a perpetual notice that my stats are being exported, unlike before where it would take at most a minute or two. I tried all the troubleshooting suggestions on the EA website (i.e. closing all other apps, clearing the cache on Safari, even deleting and redownloading the app) to no avail. I just want my opportunity to smack talk back. ** They fixed it, the app is alright for now. Updated to 3 stars. **

Sad excuse for a companion app

As a company that makes as much money as EA does this app is a poor excuse for what it should be. This last update saying it fixed exporting and allows for “seamless exporting” is a joke. Nothing but errors every single time I try putting any info to any site. It says there’s a total of 11kb of data it needs to move and has trouble with such a small amount. If I could give a half a star I would. Fix what you have and going forward implement more features like stats and things like that.

Useful but need work

For what I can do, it’s very handy: view schedule, advance weeks on the go, but needs more work. Can’t set FW and they save Can’t view or accept/counter/decline trades No franchise stats


everything updated but the rosters for each team


I was really hoping I could use this app for my MUT team and be able to look at my roster when I wanted. Or even have the ability for to participate in the auction house, or play around with my items and sets. The only thing this is really good for is to a pop up on my phone saying I completed an objective. I find the auction notifications are helpful but I can’t do anything about it with this. It would really be great if EA took the time to innovate more eh his app and go more in depth with it.

Pass Trash!!

The app won’t let me login at all! I have the right information but it keeps telling me it’s wrong! Any Developers want to answer this for me?? This is sad. Every year this app is pure garbage!! You guys should be embarrassed!

Still a bug

My opponent stats got updated but mines did not. The other games record got updated but not the stats .

Doesn’t help in franchise

This app is only good for advancing and checking your teams schedule. Please add trading, free agency bidding and drafting. If those were available if would be the best app.

app stinks

This app was the worst thing I have ever seen...


Long time madden player, run a 32 man online franchise. This app is basically useless. Need wayyyyyyyy more features. Ideas for improvement... - can sign and cut players from roster - view stats, standings, league leaders etc. - maybe in the future draft from phone - make trades

Update made it worse

Had no issues with the app before the update a week ago. Now I can’t ever get past the weekly stats export.

Latest update broke the export feature no communication

When are you going to fix the app? You pushed an update that destroyed your export feature for everyone who exports their leagues online. What kind of organization is this where you do no regression testing?

Never works

Even after the update it force closes me out and I can’t upload the data to the website

Richard Sherman once called Crabtree mediocre this app is mediocre

It’s slow it’s buggy the options are extremely limited I expect a big company like EA could make a better App But once again they prove me To me that they are a mediocre company

EA Destroyed app with last Update

Everything in this app worked Great before the last update. Since that update I and many others have not been able to Export our data to our Daddyleagues site that we pay for. Before launching an Update please ask yourself 1. Does this update change anything for the better in our app? The answer is NO everything is the same except the logo for App and the fact that you broke it, App no longer works. 2. Does it work? Like have we tested it? The answer to both of those was a NO so don’t launch the update. Do not download this app. Also stop playing madden, these money hungry fools don’t care about Franchise mode or game quality anymore.

Almost a 5

With the new update, the weekly stats won’t update daddyleague. I’ll give a new update everyday until someone fix it 🤦🏽‍♂️

Last update not good

Ever since the last update, I and many others I know can not sync or connected franchise mode with our daddy leagues page. Extremely annoying considering it was working just fine prior to the update. So in actuality, the update actually made the app worse than it even was before, not sure how that was even possible. Please address this issue ASAP, as this is one of the only reasons I use this app.


The app was working fine before the update.. now I can’t sync my league stats anymore and it’s annoying and almost useless at this point

No Money!!!

I would assume EA is broke or someone is stealing the money with how bad this app is. Can’t see a test plan or any Quality Assurance going into this app. It has to be one person working in a room, that created this and then implemented with no regression testing being done. The UX on this app is devoid of any logical development. It doesn’t work at all and third parties did a better job at handling the data you own, but you do everthing to keep them from integrating and create this sewage. Im done with Madden after this year!!!

Upload broken

Whole reason I use is to manage my lg and to upload the stats to daddy leagues, new update doesn’t even allow for us to do tht now. Been over a week and no fix

Used to work great...

Then the update came and said faster uploads, except now it won’t complete the upload of stats. I just let it run for 30 minutes and it still spun on 2/2 uploading. An upload that used to take 2 minutes now isn’t done in 30+ min? That’s faster? My friends and I run a franchise together and loved being able to upload to the website to keep up.

Update problem with connected franchise

Ever since the update I can’t export my weekly stats for connected franchise. It just spins, and never completes now.

Limited. NCAA 14 had better off console ability. Now crashes after latest update

This app has very limited abilities especially when dealing with your online CFM. But I could advance the week remotely which was good. I use past tense because since the last update the app now CRASHES when I try to access my online CFM. Why did NCAA 14 have better off console support? Shouldn’t we be advanced from that?

Trash update

Broken app, won't export


Although the new update addressed the speed issue, this is basically just a rebrand for when madden 19 comes out. Please listen to the community and add in out requests for this app to make it good.

Terrible App Since Update

Ever since the update my app won’t load all the way. Once I hit the CFM tab it starts to load, freezes, then closes the app. Haven’t had any trouble with it before the update. Please fix this soon

Bad for a long time

Either this development team is still employed or they continue to hire the worst mobile app programmers in the history of mobile app programming.

Wow, what an upgrade... + PSA for crashing

Added: -new app icon Removed: -last drop of functionality left CFM stats export was unstable, now it's completely broke. Nice work. [Applause] PSA for some users experiencing crashes: Developers of this app never accounted for iPhone Plus "standard" (vs "zoomed") display setting. Clicking your CFM will crash unless you're in "zoomed" display mode... Not that any of this is useful since they broke stats export.

Was good until the new update.

I can’t load up my franchise anymore. It just kicks me out of the app.

Doesn’t export stats after update

Please fix

Update Broke the App

This app wasn’t very good to begin with but the update has made it impossible for me to sync with third parties as it loads forever. So many possibilities with a Madden app yet you waste it with no effort, good job EA.

Horrible App For CFM

I can't believe that with all the money Madden rakes in for EA, that they can't put a companion app together better than this. You guys put an update on April 2, 2018 and the app is not even formatted for the iPhone X as well. The sad thing is that's just the least of things that should've been done. A companion, app should allow for the user to be able to see stats, previous and upcoming schedule, spend player XP and more things. We live in a mobile society. I can't believe people actually got paid to put this app together.


Crashes before I can get into my franchise league.


Legitimately the worst app ever. It does nothing. My key to making it work was to login, shut the app down, login again and then check my updates. Now that doesn’t even work so the app literally does nothing. Great job boys. Hope your bosses don’t find out you do nothing.

It opens and that’s it

It has never seen that I’m in leagues so I have not once been able to use the app.


At least I get notifications if I won or lost an auction

Terrible and could be really good

So many bugs. Never lets me connect half the time it goes right to my home screen after a few seconds. Seems to work better on WiFi. Why can’t we see our players or schedule? This app could be way better but it only shows who you playing that week, and the scores. As basic as it gets.

Needs Bug Fixes and iPhone X Update

The app works about half of the time. It takes 2 or 3 tries to get madden notifications. The MUT Rewards pages does load most of the time. Lastly it really needs an update for the iPhone X, it looks terrible with the black bars.

Need to add more

This app has the potential to be amazing. For franchise mode, please add the standings, and stats for the league, this aspect would greatly improve the app.


This app is garbage. Need something like the companion site from 2016.


Why make an app that doesn’t even do anything


Just an app for advertising other apps you already have or don’t want. Wish I could buy ultimate team players on this like the FIFA companion. Nope. Just a few buttons to click on how to buy madden.

Can we give no stars?

This app is terrible only thing you can do is check scores advance and set wins and losses. Please do better on 16 you were able to make trades check stats the whole 9 smh this app is terrible!

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