Madden NFL 18 Companion App Reviews

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Almost a 5

The only thing I would suggest is if I could trade players while using the app. I still have to get home to accept or make a trade


For being a madden app this constantly crashes when I try and view my schedule. I can’t do anything with this app.


App is so bad I can’t even log in,it keeps crashing and giving error message....all the money madden makes of us people and this is what we get in return..SMH

App does not function any longer

This app does not receive any notifications anymore as of 10/25/17. No use for me anymore and will be deleted.

Fix dis raggedy mother sucker

App not working anymore


Very limited YALL NEED TO FIX THIS CRAP y’all have been lazy

Worst game in history needs help

Terrible game

I wish I could rate it zero stars

Horrible. Can’t log in. Ridiculous stupid app

Not Good & Very Limited

I was really hoping I could use this app to see my franchise’s standings, scores, full schedules, stats, and all that stuff. The only thing you can do with franchise is advance the week or see this weeks schedule (no going back to a previous week or fast forwarding to a future week). I even tried to do the “force sim win” option where you can pick which teams win the sim games that week in your didn't even work. Some of the teams I picked to force win lost anyways. This app is super limited and might be the worst companion app out there.

Could be great but lacks in production

Would be a much better app if there was a way to earn coins for your team Ultimate Team

Flaming pile of garbage.

I don’t write reviews for apps, but I had to for this one. This is the most effortless, worthless, poorly coded piece of trash I’ve ever seen from a major developer. For how much we spend on MUT we should deserve some kind of functionality. EA, take note. This is worthless, you’d do better to offer nothing at all. Skate 4.


This game is pointless

Can you fix this app please

All this does is crash when trying to check your online franchises. Please fix

Just had to delete it

It had potential. I wanted to know when there were updates in my connected franchise with friends but didn't need notifications of everything I do while I'm in the game. Toooo many notifications. Then I had to resign into EA waaaay to much and it didn't seem to work. Also it crashes.

App constantly crashes

This would be a 4 Star app, except it’s extremely limited in use and it never lets me do the one thing it’s actually designed to do: sync my leagues’ stats. As soon as I choose a league, the app crashes 100% of the time. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it several times, got a whole new phone, and the problem persists. Shameful performance on a top of the line phone equals low rating.

Waste of space

This app is crap! What happened in the last couple years to regress to this so-called companion. Companion, more like compost. Why even create this app? Save your resources EA & fire all that are involved in creating this cut/paste POS that was crap last year. At least it was free. Should be 0/5 stars, but had to add 1. Letter grade would be an (F-). Just be glad John Madden cant DL this app on his jitterbug, he would be ashamed!

NHL companion

Make a NHL companion app please

Trade Accpet

Should let u accept trades in franchise mode online

This app is garbage

It's all an afterthought. It's basically a horrible web browser with ads that point you to useless Madden related websites. This app to total garbage. Don't waste your time.


Great ap! Guys go search 'mrmutcoin'


Just keeps crashing every time I access cloud franchise. Also doesn't show me logged in when I am.

Ultimate Team

You should be able to open packs, complete sets, buy players/collectibles off the auction house like the FIFA companion app! Needs to have an update for that!


This app is exactly what I need for Madden, except it isn't. I can't do anything I want to with franchise or MUT. With franchise, you can't do anything but advance as a commissioner. Being able to see stats without exporting them to a website would be nice at the least, but changing rosters and all that would be cool too. This app is a lazy move from the devs. It only gets worse every year with the companion app. It's not a companion at all the way it is.




This app is trash the first app I think it came out with Madden 16 you could do way more you can edit rosters, you could sign people, you could apply xp points that you earned in the franchise. This app you can't do nothing at all except press ready to advance if you're not a commissioner

Pointless App

Pointless without the ability to access your ultimate team and the auction house. Just a glorified Madden ad.


Won't work at all

Confused 🤔

Says "Companion" App, but it doesn't seem there is much it does to assist you with the game. Should take a look at the 2k18 app. This app may become more appealing if you create a way for players to earn coins through the app similar to the way you can earn "VC" on the 2k apps. Definitely needs improvement.


Crashes when I try and access cloud CFM

Crash Crash Crash... I wish I can give no stars

When I try and access my cloud franchise it crash not once or twice but every time!!!!

Worked for 10 minutes then womp womp

This thing was great for the first 10 minutes. Awesome. Then I couldn't log back in. Wouldn't connect. I'll try again tomorrow and see if that changes. I had high hopes and got disappointed really quick.


Keeps crashing when you try to export the data to 3rd party.... hopefully this gets fixed

Won't work

App won't work. Doesn't recognize me in a league.


I can't even get on the app because it "needs to confirm my email." And it won't send the email with the confirmation link to me... I am very disappointed because I love madden and the madden 17 comp was very helpful. Pls fix


Just keeps crashing when I try to access my cloud franchise. If you fix this issue it would be a nice app. Would love to see it as a fully usable app like the website used to be. Complete with roster cut abilities, re-signing abilities and everything like that though.

Will not work

Just keeps crashing when I open it or try to export the stats


Not much content. Plus I'll get random notifications about playing a h2h or joining a franchise. Wish this app was useful

Can't use the app

Every time I try to use this app it crashes as soon as I click on my cloud league. Never had this issue with Madden 17 companion app. I have deleted it, restarted it. Etc.. I'm having this issue on an iPhone 6 Plus.


What's the point of this app? Until they add auction house and MUT support it is useless.

It could be a LOT better

Compared to the Fifa Companion App, this app is horrible. We should be able to edit and view lineup, access to auction house, complete sets, etc. Pros: Notifys you when you complete an objective and earn a pack. Cons: Cant access lineup and items, auction house, cant view players on your team.


Hope we can turn injuries off from this app

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